Established in 2014, RC Consulting is a full service civil, structural  and geotechnical engineering and project management consultancy leading the way in design, certification, engineering studies, inspections / assessments and project management. Our key sectors are Residential, Commercial, Infrastructure, Government, Mining and Oil and Gas.

Our team of consultants are all professional members of Engineers Australia (MIEAust / CPEng), and are unique specialists with a depth of knowledge in construction, engineering and geotechnical science, and project management. Clients can be ensured that a full range of engineering services can be offered with confidence that the deliverables are competently engineered to meet all applicable Standards and statutory requirements, as well as all studies providing the necessary information for clients to make the best possible informed decisions.


When it comes to design, structural assessments, construction and compliance the buck stops with the engineer. This means that any design, inspection / assessment, certification and compliance must be by a certified engineer. In the past most people engage middle tier services for design services, inspections or construction management and then have to pay more money for a further engineering assessment or certification.  Our affordable service solutions eliminate the need for middle tier services which means people can be assured they are getting the most qualified professional for their project. 


Our liability and indemnity insurances ensures that our clients are protected for our engineering services.  This is something that people may not be protected against if an assessment or design is not certified by an engineer. 


We are based in Perth Western Australia and service all metropolitan and country areas. Our remote operating procedures enable us to also consult nationally around Australia.

Our Mission

‘To Be The Leaders In Our Field, Offering Superior Customer Service’

Social Justice

As engineers we have a responsibility to the community and the environment. We strongly believe that our business dealings should be honest and for the good of all those concerned respecting all interests, cultures, living beings and the earth.