We offer engineering inspections and assessments for all types of buildings, developments, construction, and civil disputes ensuring all due diligence, defects, deficiencies and non-compliance are accurately investigated and documented. Any further expert presentations including in court Expert Witness services can be provided to  present the findings of the relevant assessment. 

Our services include:

  •  Structural integrity assessments

  • Forensic engineering

  • Due diligence studies

  • Servicing reports

  • Corrosion assessments

  • Building inspections / assessments

  • Pre purchase inspections

  • Building stages inspections and sign off

  • Retrospective approvals / certification

  • Dilapidation reports

  • Specialist crack assessment and remedial work

  • Roof inspections and remedial work​​

  • Compaction certification

  • Site classifications

  • Site Investigations

  • Karst risk surveys


As certified engineers we undertake all civil, structural and geotechnical design. Our design team will help develop ideas from the assess stage though to detailed design. All design work is in accordance with the relevant Standards to ensure safety and durability. We also understand all design needs to consider efficiency for cost, as well as practicality, appearance and client preference.


All facets of project supervision and superintendent roles can be provided. From construction stage hold point inspections, concrete pours, heavy lifts, through to superintendent run operations one of our specialist team will ensure quality control, safety, compliance and subcontractor coordination is expertly supervised.



Project Management is a discreet skill set that is vital in making sure any construction aligns with its key milestones of cost, quality, safety and schedule.  Our services extend across all industry sectors  with a wealth of experience across small , medium and multi million dollar projects.


Whether its commercial, mining, oil and gas or residential there should be a requirement to ensure the finished construction meets all specifications and complies with the relevant Standards. This is achieved by engaging us to inspect the work completed and issue a certificate of compliance. Our certification will meet all regulatory requirements, and if any remedial work is required we will be able to make an assessment and instruct the best coarse of action. 


Most construction requires certification by an engineer to ensure it is safe. Often people may have uncertified structures on their property and council will issue a notice to have the structures certified. When a property is sold the real estate agent should ensure all structures on the property (house, sheds, patio/s, retaining walls, landscaping etc), are all certified otherwise the buyer is possibly purchasing an non compliant structure/s and will be burdened with the cost of certification/s at a latter date.

We offer certification for:

  • new designs / conceptual designs

  • renovations / additions

  • existing structures / retrospective approval

  • remedial work / modifications

  • relocation of structures (pools, transportables etc)